My Tuesday Diary

Very typical day as usual. one of my co-worker in my team was sick and was not able to make it. yeah the weather has been under 32 Fahrenheit for awhile and it does not seem to get warmer at all. Today, I spent most of time helping out my co-worker to get the functions he needs on his project by using PHP. We got pretty much everything done that we needed to be done today. It’s funny cause I’m having programming problem on my personal project (that I have been putting all my free time to figure it out)  and I was helping my co-worker out with programming.  Anyways, I like helping people out  and it makes me feel good as well.

Started to snowing again by the time I got off. Drove through snow storm for an hour to get home, had dinner for myself and took a shower. Writing today’s journal before I work on the my new project. Well it’s not “new” anymore I guess.

I wish u had a great day and have a goodnight. Keep expecting that something great is gonna happen tomorrow.

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