Porn Recovery day 3

day 3

today was a fantastic day 🙂 i went to martial arts met a kid named Stevin he was pretty cool bigger theN i thought he’d be but he was awesome. my awesome Mom took me to play it again sports and got me a pair of boxing gloves 🙂 thank you mom:) i worked out did some stretching read some in the shadow of his wings (which is a fantastic book) and power vs force 🙂 Although today i’ve felt a bit empty its because i need to go to confession and Receive worthy the most precious body and blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus. I want to become exceedingly spiritual and accept fully the teachings Jesus gave us especially of love, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy i want to open my life fully to him to claim him because he saved me although i know i will not be able to do this alone :/ i am praying for a buddy a buddy i can trust that won’t judge me and yet at the same time benefit from the relationship i want to fill my life with holiness with oneness timelessness non duality compassion peace love forgiveness 🙂 i know this will be a long journey but every journey begins with one step.

Blessed ever Virgin Mary please hear my prayers and help me to become in all things the best i can be and to see things and opportunities as your most Holy Son did. Please help me to grow in all virtues but especially in Love , Forgiveness , thankfullness , Compassion , and especially faith. Thank you you are awesome:) goodnight:)

end of thoughts day 3

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