3 magic words

I know I’m double-posting… that’s almost as bad as double-texting, but I had to follow up on my post about the “3 magic words.” It’s crazy to read that post back to myself, when just last week, maybe Monday, my boyfriend told me he loved me.

I always kind of thought I’d be the first to say it. I guess I’ve always thought I was having stronger feelings at times. But, he went and said it first… “I love you.”

I actually didn’t respond. My boyfriend is a total jokester and honestly, when he first asked me out I thought he was kidding. A few days later, he told me I didn’t even remember when we had started dating… well, sure enough, I didn’t remember because half the time he says things, he’s joking.

When I didn’t respond, he kept messing on his phone as usual and I did the same. We continued talking, almost like I hadn’t even heard him say it. When mid conversation, he randomly said “You didn’t even respond.” I thought he was talking about the other subject we were focused on now so I didn’t even catch he was talking about the “I love you.” A few minutes later on, I understood. But, we had already changed the subject.

I still haven’t said it back. I want to, I just don’t know the right time. We’ve had some bad fights between then and now and I don’t know if he would respond well. It’s confusing, but I really do think I love the kid.

It’s crazy how a boyfriend becomes a boyfriend, but also a best friend at the same time. He really is my best friend. I love you, babe!

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