Disicpline ain’t always a bad word

My boyfriend told me today that I am very disciplined. I took it as a major compliment. I asked him in what context he meant and he said, “You’re very coachable.”

We started working out together about 2 weeks ago. A couple of my friends noticed and thought it was cute. I felt weird at first, but now I love it. I used to work out with my brother all the time. We had a whole routine going and would switch off on the machines to do a set. Now that’s what my boyfriend and I do. It keeps me motivated, and also with him there, I’m not as timid going into the all-guy weight room at the gym (yikes!).

He told me that I was really good at not slacking on my sets and showed great discipline. It was actually a big compliment to me. I feel like a disciplined person in everything that I do. I really can get things done, and I always want to persist and reach greater goals. I believe that’s an excellent trait to have.

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