FRIDAY!!! …..And friends leaving for a while…

Sat in college, again! But YAY, its Friday! Thank god! The week has dragged so much, is unreal! I hate having to go in to college lately while im feeling so ill, but I do it anyway! Im a good girl! Plus I want a good education! Left my current job last week. I am now job hunting. Fun..not! (I left for a very good and serious reason – not just because I had had enough. There was some serious issues with me and another member of staff- lefts not go there!)

I cant wait till tomo, as I am going out with my mate, Micky and we are going to travel down to our fav pub to meet up with some more mates and just chill and listen to ska! 🙂 love it! And then on Sunday im going to my friends (Lets call her J) Im gonna help her pack as shes going back to south Africa for a month (shes south African) But shes terrible when it comes to packing, as she loves to pack way to much! And also she cant fold for nothing, so thats where I come in! 😛 Im gonna miss her so much, shes the only ‘girly girl’ friend I have! But we will Skype while shes there so all is good! Cant wait for her to come back so she can tell me all about it and how her family are doing! 🙂


Anyway enough babblin’. I hope you all have a good and safe weekend! Enjoy. I will Type more next week! Stay safe! xxxxx

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