Day 10 rehab

Day 10

Today was a great day i am very thankful for it 🙂 it was definitely not planned out or didn’t go to plan but it worked out i got my school done with excellig ease was able to work out which by the way is the best anti depressent ever:) not that i’m depressed but just sayin 😛 and i feel greati had this dream last night that had alot of naked women and i think i jizzed cause when i woke up my boxers were wet but theres no doubt that it was definitely not piss unless of course my sisters pranked me and poured water on my groin area in the night but i highly doubt that they would have made a joke about it which didn’t happen but anyway life is fantastic and i’m getting better everyday

now i am working on letting my frustration/anger and grudges go :p i love being free

Holy Blessed Virgin Mary please pray for me 🙂

All Holy Saint, Angels, Souls in purgatory please pray for me 🙂

end of thoughts day 10

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