I Dont’ what to Do

I found out that my brother tried to hurt himself because of all the problems he had with his girlfriend and I don’t know what to do or how to help him, I already told him that he could stay at my house for awhile, I told him,he should go back to my parents house until he gets his life together but he doesn’t listen. He is only 19 years old and he move out of parents house because he wanted to finally get out of the house and get away from my dad who is an absent father. He is at the house but completely distant and only talked to us to give us disipline, I couldnt wait to get out there as well. My brother move with my other two brothers but couldn’t get alone with one of them, he met a girl and move in with her and her sister. They fight a lot because he had a hard time finding a job and he is just imature. sadly he didnt have a father figure to teach him about life, work ethic and how to survive.

I hope I can help him tomorrow and I can find good advise to give him.

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