Moving into “my” office

On Monday, my friends asked me to move out. I moved in saying I should be there for a month, while I look for a job. Then a month turned into two, three and six. I saw this coming and wished that I’ve left on my own before they asked me to. But there’s really no need to think about it too much any more.

I packed that night, and finally moved out in the evening yesterday. Oh, and did I also mention that yesterday was my 25th birthday? Things were kinda hectic. But I was strangely not upset about spending my birthday packing and cleaning. I viewed this as a chance to change, to start a new life. My labmate (and her boyfriend) and I got Chinese food for dinner yesterday. They also bought me frozen yogurt 🙂 That was already way more celebration than I thought I’d get. Despite my overall unsuccessful, lame life, one thing I am really grateful for is being around very good people.

The building I know “live” in is new and even has a nice shower. It’s every homeless’s dream. I took a shower last night at around 11 pm, and slept at after midnight. The lights here are always on, which makes it less creepy, but also hard to sleep. My first night here isn’t as comfy as I remembered it to be. This time I am here to stay, though. This is going to be an adventure

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