my friend has I cross trainer, that I absolutely love, every time I go round hers im always on it. I friggin’ love the thing. Is a fun way to exercise (in my eyes) And now she’s moving house, she put it up for sale online, but everyone cant afford it (its a real expensive one) so I asked her nicely if she could take £40 for it – being supper cheeky, and she said yes! I was so shocked, I thought she wouldn’t, after all she paid almost £400 for it. But oh my god yay, I finally have a cross trainer. It can go with my exercise bike and running machine. – I love to exercise at home, I find gyms way to over priced and very showy off. I just want to exercise in piece – and with my own style of music on. So now I can, I turned the tiny room into a mini gym! Hells yeah! My sister and dad are even using the room and equipment. All three of us have stared to get back into shape! Its so nice. I cant wait to get home and do a couple of mins on the cross trainer. 🙂

Toned butt and sexy stomach here I come!!!! <3

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  1. When I start living on my own, I’ll need my own equipment, because I won’t pay for a membership!

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