Day 11 rehab

Day 11

today has been awesome really once you really realize that your happiness doesn’t come from outside sources or external factors and that happyness comes from within is a huge step not only that but going from blaming others to actually taking responsibility for ones actions is a major step as i see it now:) today i have realized just how amazing life is and the reason why amazing spiritual people are always in constant happiness. Its because they place there inner happiness in spiritual things that do not change 🙂 and if they never change theres never any reason to be anything but joyful even if its a sorrowful joyful unlike in this world where nothing is ever exactly consistent. That has been one of my more philosophical thinkings other theN that its been alittle tough last night i caught myself thinking about naked women and me banging naked women while they screamed in pleasure but other then that its been relatively low 😛 which is awesome i feel better everyday now i just want to make my life worth something more then myself i want to inspire people to a higher power 🙂 i love life and love messing around and being adventurous i want to share that with others 🙂

Holy blessed ever Virgin Mary please pray for me

All Holy Angels, Saints, and souls in purgatory please protect and pray for me 🙂


end of thoughts day 11

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