It’s taking time

Nothing really special to write for today. Work as usual, did not go to gym cause of my car. It made ticking noise yesterday and in the morning today so I checked it up but they could not find anything wrong. Well actually they did not even hear the noise cause it just stopped making noise after I left my car at the dealer.

Well that’s that. spent all my free time on new project but still struggling for getting functions I want. I’m just gonna take some time to learn and make thing right rather than get in done early without making sure things work properly. So I’m taking time and try not to stress down too much. For doing all this, I do actually feel like learning new somethings and improving my skill sets. Hopefully, it always pays back in the future.
it’s 10:35 PM here in Chicago right now. I’m probably going to sleep early tonight. Goodnight!

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