Day After Valentines – Southern hemisphere, we’re a day ahead!

Well, That was a rough night! Hardly any sleep – whew!! Thankfully, I had been reading an old “Bridget Jones – The Edge Of Reason” book before I retired at 10 minutes to mid-night, and I dreamed of sking expeditions to the mountains in France, and hung-over young ladies with Lilac-purple bras lying in the aisle of a church.. Actually, these are much nicer dreams than the kinds I’ve  usually been having – which were dark and broody, involving espionage and much killing! It’s a lovely sunny day – the tatarakihi (tah-tarh-rah-key-he) Cicadas’ are rubbing their front feet together to make that rattley sound which they do, in the Autumn. It’s nice, I really like it! Although it’s still warm outside, the summer heat is slowly winding down into Autumns’ warmth.

In a months time, I will be 60 years old! Have been looking forward to living life at a more sedate, dignified pace, rather than tearing around after the pet animals and a man who is “blind to dirt!” Please let this be the year that this happens!? What a nice 60th birthday gift that would be?

Oooh! Have found the avocadoes which I had bought last week .I’d wrapped the 5 avocadoes and 1 banana in newspaper and placed them in one of my stoneware casserole dishes, so that they would ripen gently! I’m very pleased that I found them because if I hadn’t, just a couple of days more and they would have been useless for eating! Very tired. I will have a nap this afternoon!

🙂 Emmi

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