Day 14/15 Rehab

Day 14/15 rehab

these two days have been amazing i helped a. Old lady with her car and moved it into her driveway had a blast at a sweet dance that wasn’t a school dance made some new friends had friends over had a few temptations  but all around i’m doing fantastic i can’t believe its already wow:P soon it will be day 50 heck yeah but in reality the only one i can really give thanks to is not myself for by myself i would have surely fallen already no i need the help of the one true God the Holy Trinity, The Holy Blessed Mother, and my Holy Guardian Angel i love all of them and i thank them for helping my in all aspects of my life.

Holy Blessed Virgin Mary please pray for me

All Holy Angels,Saints, and Souls in purgatory please pray with me and for me:) Amen

End of thoughts days 14/15

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