Morning Routine

I ran cross this article and thought it is about time (again) for me to think about how I’d like to start my day.

1. Wake up early  I usually feel better and more productive if I wake up earlier, and get some stuffs done before noon. My ultimate goal is still 4 am. But maybe I’ll start with 6 am… back to secondary school. Waking early also means going to bed early. My goal has been 10 pm. It’s really hard, but I’ll try

2. Meditate

3. Do yoga  Yoga = meditate + exercise. What can be more perfect?

4. Plan the day  Mornings should be more of a revision. I think the best way to plan is to do it in the evening of the previous day.

5. Have breakfast with friends I agree that a breakfast seems more convenient and efficient than lunch/dinner. I’ll just have to check who’d be in.

6. Read the news  I have to confess I rarely do this. But I should.




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