My diary on Sunday

Sunday night diary, probably the best time to write a diary cause I usually spend some time on Sunday night to look back past week and planing the next week. So looking back last week, I was just struggling on my new project all week. nothing was really going on beside that cause I spend all my free time on that. For next week, I want to launch the site. I gave up the function I want and decided to change the direction little bit. However if it goes well, I will get definitely that function in the site.

Well that’s that, I did a lot today. church in the morning, laundry, cleaning up my apartment, went to shopping with my cousin and had dinner with more cousins. I treated them today cause I got raised last week. that my boss promised last year. back home around 9PM, sitting at my computer trying to setup parkMartini again. That’s all I did today.

How was yours? how do u usually spend Sunday night??

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