hard times

The last couple of days have been hard on me….. emotional rollarcoaster again pretty much because I went off my meds because I can’t afford… I can’t even hardly stand myself yet alone understanding how other people put up with me…I know I can’t control…God knows I’ve tried…..I’ve been arguing with  my old today and it has got me to the point where i’m extremely stressed and sits and wonders how can he put up with me… I know it is hard on the both of us… I wish I could treat him the way that he deserves…He is such a hard working loving caring man…. yesterday was hard as well….because I argued with my ex and my step sister on facebook……I  must had a sign on my head argue with me today…. my ex and I decided that we would both be better off without each other and officially had ended our friendship…. most of my exes and I are friends….. but this time the friendship wasn’t worth me losing my old man and then get this …. my ex gave me that ultimatum not my sweetheart….. damn these backwards azz days…..

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