Pt 1 – Chapter 2 – The Act Of Courtship!

(above – photo of David’s place  (our Love nest,) in Middleton Rd, New Market Auckland.)

Decorum and our marriage, prevents me from giving a blow by blow account (haha-


haha!!)of that first night, but we often talk about it and laugh about what was said, not


said, what happened, how it happened – and the remainder of our conversation often


just drifts away into big smiles and an exchange of knowing, tender looks. There is


‘Nothing’ in this world as sexy as being on the receiving end of one of David’s ‘tender’


looks. I always catch my breath and my insides melts, when it happens.


We awoke around 8am the following morning, which was late for me, but Mr


Gorgeous could probably have done with another 24 hours of sleep!~ He dragged


himself up in the bed all bleary-eyed trying to focus on waking up proper, while I lay


on my side, head propped up on one hand, watching him!


For some strange reason I wondered if he remembered my name, don’t know


why the thought crossed my mind – but no sooner had it done, it was coming


out of my mouth, “Bet you don’t remember my name?”


“Course I do,” he mumbled, still trying to stretch his eyes open. “It’s Emmi!”



With that he excused himself and darted through the kitchenette, into the bathroom.


While he was in the bathroom, I got up, dressed, made up the bed, tidied the couch,


the bedside table and the dining table up against the far wall. I looked around the


room: ummm, so this was what a bedsit looked like. Quite nice, I thought!


When he came out of the bathroom, he had washed, dressed and combed his hair.


He spoke very few words for the next hour except for asking me if I wanted coffee,


and breakfast. I could tell that he was not a “Morning person,” as I am. I accepted


coffee and refused breakfast. He ate alone – as I sat at the other end of the table


and watched him. Two coffees before breakfast, 2 coffees after breakfast and at least


once every hour, he would shoot out the back door to smoke a cigarette. I busied


myself by washing up the breakfast things and tidying the kitchenette.


When he had come inside after his 4th ciggy of the morning, he proposed that we go


shopping at ‘277.’ OK!


I asked for a page of writing paper, and sat down to write a shopping list. After


looking at me in a puzzled fashion, he also sat down while I asked what he needed.


He had been used to buying what he needed, when he needed it but, I told him


that this was the way that I “went shopping” and if I was going to shop with anyone.


we had to have a list! I think we bought more flour, a tub of margarine, cheese,


bread loaves, coffee and sugar, packs of soup – oh, and Milk!

We had had Chinese for supper last evening. I didn’t think that we were going to have

much more of that! Way too expensive! Lunch – was another batch of cheese scones, Pea

& Ham soup and an Apple crumble, with a pot of Edmond’s custard, to follow. 




After lunch David, not very subtley, had thrown himself onto the bed and watched


me bustling about tidying the lunch things away. I caught his eye as I came from the


kitchenette, and knew that he wanted me again. Very slowly, I began to undress.


Last night had been an urgent frenzy of grasping and gasping! This afternoon was a


more measured, gently-paced pleasing and pleasuring. Afterwards, we lay in the


afterglow of our love-making smilingly tracing each others lips, brows, and cheekbones.


We roused ourslves a little while later, David needed a ciggy and I needed to go home.


He drove me home. Next week will be the final of the Indoor Cricket match. I will be back

next Friday evening on the 5.30pm train.




Friday, I arrived at the platform in Newmarket on the very last train from Papakura.

Five minutes later found me knocking on his bed-sit door just as he was feeding TC the cat.


He was pleased to see me, I could tell. We hugged, he brushed my lips with his as he instructed

me to, “just stand there and close your eyes,” before leaving the room. I closed my eyes . He

was back within seconds and I felt his hands fiddling about behind my neck.


He instructed me to “open your eyes, now.” I opened eyes and found he had put a pendant

with a half-heart around my neck!


Wee…ll, you could have knocked me over with a feather!! I looked at him and asked,

“what  does this mean??” I shook my head – as though to clear it; and then he drew

back the collar of his shirt: there was the other half-heart on a pendant around

his neck! I must be honest, I was shocked! He on the other hand looked so pleased,

with himself. I hope I didn’t scare him with my shocked response, but he did not

appear to notice, so I was thankful for that!








I had brought food with me! Flour, sugar, eggs, vegetables, apples, etc ……..

I made dinner while he went to get a bottle of vino for me. We ate, cleaned

up, drank coffee, watched a bit of TV together, then made ready for bed. As

well as a pendant, he had also given me the spare key to his bedsit! I was totally

honoured and I felt a little winded! Wasn’t this moving a bit fast??




Tomorrow night we would be at the Auckland Central indoor sports-centre

playing in the finals of the Indoor Cricket Championships.




Saturday is spent cleaning the bedsit – dusting, hoovering cleaning the

bathroom. The  indoor cricket final will take place tonight, so we will eat

light, energy sustaining salad  filled rolls, and drink numerous mugs of

steaming hot coffee. (Unfortunately, Davids’ team just lost the match that

night, but he didn’t seem to be concerned about the game   – he was like a

love-sick puppy, just wanting to please me. I had never come across such 

adoration, before,( and it was a bit scarey!!??. ) I just knew, even at that

early stage, that I was going to fall head over heels in love with those violet

blue eyes and that adoration, (if he didn’t freak-me-out, first??)




The man has a gentle, loving heart.)




 ToBeContinued   – Emmi




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  1. All I can say is I love this and its so cool to read about people meeting and falling deeply and genuinely in love:)Scott and I met online:) Someday I will have to tell you how we met:) Keep writing emmi I love it:)

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