she is perfection

We didn’t have school on Valentine’s Day, I wrote a note that Thursday telling Lina how I feel. She seems to have taken it well… I’m at the talent show now. She sang first. It was “Put you Records On” and it was beautiful and I recorded it with my phone and I’m going to losten to it every night before bed and when I wake up and when I feel bad and everything. I love her a lot and I’m glad she is finally happy. I am just so happy for her, even though I know it will never be reciprocated. As long as we are friends, that’s all I will need.

One thought on “she is perfection”

  1. It’s a hard thing unrequited love! Keep strong and just remember that friendship is more important than anything. Times a healer,and with time it will pass and you will see there’s a reason you too can’t be together. Believe me, we’ve all been there hun xx

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