Day 17 rehab

day 17

Today was a fantastic day although i didn’t get all my school done but i did do alot in the amount of time i had i woke up at 6:30 said the Rosary fell back asleep till 7:45 got up drank my water ( i drink 8 – 15 oz of water each morning and night it keeps my healthy and hydrated ) anyway after that i took a shower at a somewhat breakfest was going to start my hw but this is my break week and i was tired so i fell back asleep till 11 then i woke up did my science and half of my lit essay i got 2 paraghraphs done and started the 3rd out of the 5 i have to do anyway i helped my mom out went and did some errends with my dad and didn’t get back home till after 7 then i worked out had dinner txted some of my friends and did the dishes for my mom then said my St.Brigit prayers now i’m here overall its been a fantastic day:) i love life;) Jesus help me to see all your amazingness in all your creation and to be a better version of myself each and everyday so that in trusting in you i will find my purpose and in you and through you lead other souls to eternal happiness

Holy Blessed ever Virgin Mary pray for us

All Holy Saints,Angels and Souls in Purgatory pray and protect us



End of thoughts day 17

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