Pt 2 0f 2 – From Twenty Years In The Future!

      (above: Davids’ bedsit in New Market, Auckland – 1993)

 Looking back from a viewpoint of 20 years in the future,  all I can say,knowing how things

 were in both our lives at this juncture: When we met – it was easy! We just seemed to

walk into each others lives as though it had been especially prepared for us! I had been

dating for six months, and at 39, I was actually just beginning to ‘regularly ‘ date a 48 year

 old Polytech administrator. We had not become exclusive, but we were talking about it

 and we had not even become intimate yet, either!!


That first night I’d spent with David, had put the ‘kybosh’ on intimacy with anyone else.

 He asked me what I was going to do about Dennis. I said, “Well, he’s history now, isn’t

he!” “Good,” he replied!

David took me home on Sunday afternoon: I had a dinner date arranged with Dennis for the

following Thursday evening where I would tell him that “we” were not going to happen!

Dennis was just too old, too careful, too organised! He didn’t need an equal partner, he

needed a house-keeper, an Au pair to cater for his two kids, and a once a week prostitute!

Everything with Dennis had been so difficult: especially competing with his Catholic guil


David and I were so easy together. We had been together 3 weeks, when he took me to

meet his dad and step-mother. They were in shock because they didn’t even know that he

was ‘seeing’ anyone, but they both loved me in an instant!

We had been together a month when he asked me to bring all 3 of my kids to stay the

weekend at his bedsit. The kids were all for it, so he began to make arrangements to 

come get us.I said,”No, we will come to your place on the train,” and that’s what we did. He

had got 3 camper beds, probably from his dad, so the kids had something to sleep on. He let

the kids have run of his video cabinet, and they watched every Die Hard, Terminator, Jackie

Chan, Mel Gibson & Danny Glover film that he had, some – they watched more than once!

These were the kinds of movies which David liked! I watched all four of these people whom

I loved, enjoy themselves and get along. I had already told the kids about David, and David

about the kids. They had met whenever he had taken me home, but this was the longest

period of time they had spent together.


The sleeping arrangements were, David & I in the bed, the 3 camper beds stretched out full

length across the same room, the table, couch and the TV set against the facing wall so we

could watch the TV from our beds. Somehow, we organised the use of the bathroom, the 2

girls together, David & I together and the son on his own. It worked out rather well.

Saturdays are notoriously, chaotic shopping days in New Market, so we just let the kids go!

Will all meet back at the bedsit at 2pm: for lunch, meanwhile David & I tidied the bedsit and

grabbed a little alone time before preparing lunch! ( The children were – 18, 15 and 14 yrs old.)

Saturday night he took us all to see Jurassic Park at the movie theatre.

This was definitely Not my kind of movie, and I actually went to sleep in it!

The kids really enjoyed it though!


(Auckland is NZs’ Queen city, the biggest in the country with the biggest Polynesian

population in the world. Parnell and New Market and Remuera are the upper-crust

areas: very expensive places to live and to shop!)


Our home, was the white house on the sky-line, at the edge of the sheep farm, and the

40 acre bush which was down the hill to the right, from us. The house had two huge lounges,

 2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms , a galley kitchen and a 65 foot long x 5 foot wide Hallway! We

 played indoor cricket in winter. The lower house belonged to the farm owner.


 The following weekend, David spent out on the farm with us. We cooked together, ate

 together played Cricket when it was not raining, watched TV, and went for walks over the

 farmland opposite our place: down to the swimming hole!

 All this too-ing and fro-ing was in preparation for moving in together and sharing our whole

 life. My girls were “golden.” They liked David and they saw that he made me happy.

 The only son reserved his opinion and I never really knew what it was until later in the piece.


ToBeContinued…   Emmi  🙂


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  1. Charlotte, Thanks for you lovely notes. I’d be happy to send you my home address and I shall do it by email, so you will have that address as well! About these diary posts, they are already written into my personal diary, I have Kept a diary since I was in High school. This marriage is simply the best! I had been married twice before: widowed once and divorced once! My children come from the 2nd marriage which ended in divorce.
    Anyway – back to the story… Hugz!!
    Emmi xxx

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