my diary for today

My diary for Wednesday. I haven’t had enough sleep last night n night before. I had very hard time waking up in the morning and that’s why I want to go bed now at 9:49pm right after wrting this. Well, not that much to write. I just had regular day. Work and gym on my lunch break then home. The weather was beautiful though. It was sunny and kind of warm(as long as it’s not freezing).
I cut my finger little bit last night when I cut onion while I was making dinner. I got bandage on it all day and it was little annoying for me to do things I usually do like wash my hand lol. Keep craving for something delicious to eat but I don’t know what. Maybe it’s time for the seafood buffet.
Anyways, I’m going sleep goodnight!

One thought on “my diary for today”

  1. Hope you start sleeping well and you can take me to the seafood buffet lol. I love seafood just so its not like squid or Octopus YUCK! my husband love s it.Hope you have a good week:) Sleep well my friend:)

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