I guess you could say everything happens for a reason, correct? How you also you become stronger the more you experience, the more you know, with the more you know the less chances of getting hurt again or avoiding it at all cost. But just like superman some would say we all have our weaknesses may not be kryptonite, but events or even specific people. Which in my case would be the person, and that person specifically. You see I;m the type of person who if you insult me, I’ll give it right back, maybe even worse and not feel bad about either, and they won’t be hurt by it because I know they’re joking. But him though, I’m weak with him around my presence. His smell captivates my mind then all I can think about is him. The ones you love/loved the most can break you with just a sentence, maybe even  a word. It can destroy any progress that you’ve made in something. Or ruin your self-esteem, even your happiness. Don’t worry eventually it does wear off, after you’re not around them for a certain length of time. First all they said or did is stuck in your mind. Eating away your happiness and you just feel broken inside, better word for it; numb. You’re in a transe where you’re not even thinking at all except those few words running through your mind, for you picking each letter apart, hoping you misheard them. But eventually you give up, more on the lines of giving in. But once they’re gone or you have left the premise, you begin to feel stronger again, you can begin to think straight again. Making you feel stupid, and shocked that you let something that small, close to nothing make you shut down. You feel bad for blocking out those people who want to talk to you, who want comfort you when you feel lost. But you push them away with your own self pitty. You don’t mean to, it just happens. Those friends who were there for you when your Kryptonite gets the best of you. You need to be careful how hard you push, because when you’re pushing near a cliff, and you push, push, and push. Eventually they will fall off, and they will go. The falling and the impact when they hit the ground they won’t want to come back to you. Which for you will be unfortunate. Next time when the Kryptonite gets the best of me and takes my so called powers away from, there is one thing I will remember, everyone is weak at some points, but only the strong ones will surpass our weaknesses and make us into something great. Where this all begins you might ask? Well sweetheart it starts with you.

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