Who Cares?


First off- well said Sponge-Bob! =D

Never a truer word has been spoken! No matter how many times you hear from you friends, and I quote because we have all heard it: “Well just remember i’m always here for you hunny”. This is categorically UNTRUE. What people should really say is something like, “Awhh well, remember I am here for you, BUT, im afraid conditions apply, please read careful then sign and date at the bottom”. Which basically means, yeah, I really want people to think I am a good person but if I have something more important to do OR i’m to tired and I can’t be arsed to get up again then you can forget me being there for you! I’m sick of finding that my so called friends are only there for me when it suits them and NEVER when I need them and i’m desperate. One thing I pride myself on is being a good friend to people and always putting others before myself, this is because I believe life is about happiness and having a good time and the thing that makes me happiest is my friends,if I say im going to be there then I will fucking be there, if my schedule is jam packed  will make time, if you need to talk all night- we’ll talk all night. There are no conditions on my friendship and there never will be. But it’s recently that I have realised other people, just don’t think like that my messages get ignored and for days I won’t hear from them. ='( Yet another reason I suppose that I have to pour my life out into a journal that hundreds of strangers can read.

Okay, apologies people morning rant over. Time to catch up with Waterloo Road and the ever sexy Mrs. H. Peace. 😉

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