Day 19 Transformation

Day 19

its incredible how fast time goes wow its almost been 3 weeks already and wow just wow;) i feel the best i have in along time i can’t believe how much life i was missing 🙂 so far this whole mont i’ve watched no T.V. By myself only with friends and family that has given me so much more time to he active either working out or reading / researching something really interesting not only that i’ve taken this week off from my music if someone turns it on thats fine but i ain’t and its been so peaceful this week especially i started a new prayer regimend and its fantastic live is amazing i just want to share my happiness with others i love it there are still big temtations but with prayer and my God and Jesus they just slide right by i Love life and i thank God for everyone and everything in my life:)

Holy Blessed ever Virgin Mary pray for me

All Holy Saints, Angels and Souls in Purgatory pray and protect me Amen.

end of thoughts day 19

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