some people are really angry

I still don’t really know what’s going on but I see lots of social feeds talking about figure skating today at Sochi Olympic. So people are saying there were miss judgement on final event which gave most famous Korean skater Yuna Kim a silver medal instead of gold. Yes when Korea people get angry they make a website down. For this time, petition for re-evaluation. pretty cool isn’t it? I wish she won the gold medal but it’s already finalized and I don’t think it’s gonna be changed.

Anyways, I had very typical day as usual. It was raining all day in Chicago over 40 degrees all day. just one more days to go before the weekend!

I don’t know why but seems like my apartment management office has very bad system for keeping the record. My building owner called me yesterday and said I did not pay security deposit and last month rent which I did. So today I have to take pictures of all those receipts and email them to him. Don’t really like extra works like that.  Well just wanted to write it down what happened today.

working on parkMartini for the cool concept called “Random Shot” check it out 🙂

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