The Youth of Today

Sat at work bored out my brains supervising the boys football. I’m waiting for my friend (another huge girl crush of mine) to message me back on facebook but she hasn’t yet so instead of pestering her with more messages I thought I would write an entry that I can share with you later when I am back on my beloved laptop! ♥ Ruth got the flowers that I sent her earlier and I think she liked them so I hope it cheered her a bit!

I do feel that being able to write things down and get them off my chest is helping I have felt a little less stressed. As I was sat here writing one of the lads from upstairs came running into the sports hall with a plastic penis that we use for condom demonstrations zipped into and sticking out the flyers of his jeans giving him the appearance of a raging hard one!….Never a dull moment in my job! 😀 Hahaha!! Man I’m going to miss it!! 🙁

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