crazy dreams.

this one of my many re-occuring dreams:

im walking down the sidewalk and i have no idea why but i have a feeling of defeat. my hair is damp from a refreshing swim team practice. as im walking down the hill to my house, i see a team mate and i stop as the person starts to melt into a puddle of skin. a strange symbol shows up on the forehead of a now reforming man with dripping hands. suddenly i spring into action with some kind of magical sword that i pulled out of the ground. as i maul the caucasian figure, more start appearing and im forced to destroy all of the skin colored soldiers. i slowly fall to my knee’s in submission to the rest of the rest of the figures another person jumps in to save me with a glint in his eye’s and a swift glide in  his movements. he wielded a sword like mine.

i usually snap out of my daze by then but i think it means even if we think were self sufficient we still need help from someone who knows what they are doing. also we are not that different than the people we see in every day life but never engage in convorsation.

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