Go Away World.

I am so sick to death of caring for people who so patently can’t be bothered to put the same time and effort into giving that back to you?!! I send, chocolates, flowers, wine and a teddy to cheer them up and they can’t even find the time to try and hold a conversation with me? I always have to message them first and when I do they usually only manage to say a couple of words back and don’t take the hint and realize im upset. WHATEVER. I’M DONE.

This is going to sound fucking horrible and make me sound like an awful person but i’m sick of looking down my facebook feed and seeing people all happy, happy, happy. Photo’s of couples together, romantic dates, pregnancies, weddings, new homes, holidays…etc..eccttt… All I want is my little slice of happiness? But it seems I can’t have it. Fuck sake i’m even running out energy to type, I feel I have noting else to write. I’m having a mehhh moment where I just wanna snuggle back down and watch some more criminal minds. So much for the old me….

Laterz xxx

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