Just What Would It Take?

Do we all  have the potential to….

Become a criminal?         Do evil?         Lie & become deceitful?         Cheat?         Be anti-social & deviant?

The more I lay here in this subdued state, yet taunted in thought and mind I wonder what it would take? What sort of traumatic event or crippling pain does one have to face to cause them to do evil things? It is purely a selfish gain? Or if some form of psychosis was present then can that person truly be blamed for committing those crimes, sins, or mistakes?

Here’s a deeper though how do we know that we aren’t all just crazy?? If we where all crazy then nobody would know the difference? I hope this journal is going to get some of this stuff out other wise it just buzzes around my head like that annoying buzzing wasp that I can’t get out my room. One day I wonder if  I will meet someone who can relate to these scribblings I write? Or maybe it will all mean something to someone.

I’m not really sure exactly where I want to take this entry? I guess I could write about me, but really that’s not that exiting and if anyone is reading this and/or previous posts then you may have learnt a few things about me already.  I thought I could write about my past, the events that shaped the person I have become today, some good, some bad and some ugly! I puzzled over maybe it would help me feel some realize from them? Maybe, I don’t know?

Earlier I thought perhaps I could write a little more about women and my almost obsessive love of everything about them. Having said this it’s not all women, but then it’s also very different women every time. I won’t for they too have the right to anonymity just as I do, but say for example if I posted photo’s of all the women I have had serious crushes on and the one who I had a relationship with, you wouldn’t believe me. They all vary so much in height, weight, looks, age, personality etcc..that it’s impossible to suggest I had a type? I believe most women lie about how much they really think about sex, sometimes no matter what im doing I can’t get it out my mind!! Which can be annoying. I just love boobs!! (.)(.) ;-D

On the upside i’ve not even thought about speaking to the forbidden one, LOL, heheha. Okay that’s a lie I have thought about it, but the point is I haven’t acted on it! Go Me!! =D

Just thought about something which I find slightly less cool- Facebook. I have recently realised how fucking awful it is. It’s almost turned us into anti-social, over obsessive, compulsive freaks. It almost makes grooming and stalking easy. As a youth worker it’s easy to see how as well, young people, as probably I did as young person, have no regard for there own safety as they don’t seem to have or at least less of a radar for risk. Unfortunately I think that these sorts of situations always get worse before they get better.

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