What a day

So my sister was asking me about what laptop to buy last night. so I decided to get her a mac book air. I tried to purchase it on apple’s Korean website but I couldn’t make it cause of payment process on apple’s Korean site was pain in the ass to go through. Ended up purchasing on us apple’s site and picked it up in the apple store at Lincoln park Chicago.

Thing went well till that point. I had a nice lunch at Ali’s Grill (the cover picture) and went to FedEx to ship the mac book. I filled out all the form and wrap in up with nice box. I felt really good for giving her a gift that she needs. Then the guy at FedEx told me the cost of the shipping will be $269.30 lol I really did not expect that to be that expected but I had no choice except for just paying it and go with FedEx cause USPS and UPS apparently don’t even deal with shipping laptop oversea. It sucks but just had to go with it. at this point just hoping that she gets in on time.

Tried to look for the new apartment but did not find one better than the one I’m living now. Still don’t now if I wanna renew the lease or move out to somewhere else. Suppose to go to the party my friend’s place but couldn’t make it cause I fell asleep and wake up late lol still feel tired. Just gonna take a rest for rest of the night.

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