Mind over Netflix??…

Okay, evening journal!! Going to have to make this a quick one as I am currently fighting an on going battle in my head between writing this entry and snuggling up with Netflix to finish watching Criminal Minds, i’m almost done with all four seasons..the ending better not be lame! But figuring emptying my head of all the irrelevant and probably slightly random clutter it has become filled with over the day would be a little more beneficial to my mental state.

Although having said that I now actually feel relatively calm and stress free. There is a God, miracles can still happen! =)


Foot note….

It is now 12.05 in the afternoon on the next day and I have woken up to find this partially written entry on my laptop still. Given that it seemed fairly positive and that, that is not an outlook I find comes to me very often these days, I have decided to still post it and add this foot note rather than just delete it.

It seems I over looked my better judgement and snuggled down to watch criminal minds. 😉

Over ‘n’ out xx 

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