My lazy Sunday

I spent the laziest Sunday in like 2 months. I have been lazy from last night when I decided not to go to the party at my friend place. Since then, I just stayed at my apartment and did not really do anything but sleeping and eating lol. Despite I went to bed earlier than usual last night, I woke up really late today and even skipped the church. Some reason I just did not wanna do anything but being lazy. So I did that all day long. Woke up late, took a nap and spent most of the day on my bed and couch. Now it’s 11:21 and trying to be little bit productive by writing a journal for a day. Although I have been lazy all day with no motivation, I felt like 90% recharged and I wanna feel like 100% recharged when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Hope you had great weekend! goodnight!

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