Days 20 – 22 Transformation

Day – 20 – 22

these days have been fantastically amazing besides seeing my friends and a Girl i really like she’s amazing;);) and all of my social activities before this weekend i had the biggest temptations ever it was horrible but with Jesus, The Blessed Virgin Mary, My holy Gaurdian Angel, and prayer i was saved although i did look at Kate upton and i regret that and with Jesus’s and the Holy Spirits Help will attain full forgiveness for this sinful act but the main part of this weekend was the realization of how big and giganticly amazing God is and how we need him to be profoundly ever happy he is incredible and thats a total total understatement and then to think that he offeres himself daily in mass every single day is incredible:) its just profoundly incredible:) so keep fighting the good fight and ever becoming a better version of yourself so that you may be the best you can be and live to the fullest for God

Holy blessed Virgin Mary Pray for us

The Holy Trinity Have mercy on us and give us the strength to overcome our worldly fleshly desires so that we may attain perfection in all our acts

all Holy Saints, Angels, and Holy Souls In Purgatory pray for us and protect us Amen

end of thoughts days 20-22

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