Need OPINIONS Desperitly

Ok this is my first post but i need opinions

My mom runs my life im 18 and she is stuck up my ass!

I cant date who i want, this guy and i wanna date but mom is refusing because he has a lip peicing and tatoos and no job yet and not going to college yet because he has no money for it. He voleenteers at a high school cooking class cause thats what he wants to do for a living. But my mom refuses cause of  lip peicing and tatoos and no job. she wont even meet him to see how good of a guy he really is we both go to our church youth group. ANd yet she refuses.

Also my mom is stuck up my ass about school: I am a A and B student but right now in my college class i have an F but i dont see why becasue the teacher has only put in two grades and i got 100% on each assignment and i have and F and she dont care so she grounded me.

I work two jobs go to school and help out around the house yet i have no freedom and im going insane.

So i need opinions what should i do. Because i Really like this guy.

Comments if you can or email me at with your opinions Thanks….

One thought on “Need OPINIONS Desperitly”

  1. Hi Kelsey, Welcome to the site! I say go for what u want to do cause it’s not your mom who’s gonna live your life. However at the same time I totally understand your mom that she wants you to meet a right guy. You are young and you are not gonna loose anything for having more experience so I say do what u wanna do. It’s just my opinion hope it helps.

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