Just don’t want to do anything

Still no motivation… Don’t really feel like doing something but eating. yeah whatever happens to me, I always make sure that I put something in my stomach. Weather has been cold for all week and it will be cold rest of the week. Work was alright got just enough project to spend a day. Wanted to go eat something after work with someone but kind of missed timing. She called me too late after I ate myself already. so that’s that and just writing a journal to warp up my day at 9PM.
What should I do now?

4 thoughts on “Just don’t want to do anything”

  1. Go to bed and get some sleep:) Let me know when you make that site Californiadream:) Not that you will but when you do. I will be there to join. Keep those dreams going and alive in your head and heart and soon you will see them a reality:)

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