Okay, so I have been reminiscing about so many things. First about how TGITPS is back, at least I think he had left. I don’t know. But I had seen him within the last month and I hadn’t realized how much I miss him. I don’t even know is he missed me. I mean because he was staring at me when he was outside, but then he looks away when I turn to look at him. And at times it feels like he is ignoring me. When his friends are outside he acts like if I’m not even there or I don’t even exist. I miss being around him. I miss how he used to wave to me and makes a chill down my spine every time I think about it. I want to see him again. Then there is Ben. I mean I like Ben, even though I shouldn’t. At least right now I staying away and talking to him less. I guess that’s a good thing. Right? I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it really feels like I haven’t written in years.

XOXO lizquiet

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