Hair: Grows Like A Weed!

I’m Sorry folks, I no longer have the incentive nor the energy to keep up with my diaries, so I am suspending action for a season.

Now that I am able to get about on my own, without the use of my wheelchair, There are things which I must get to work on, just to boost my physical strength, and I am afraid that being stationary and writing on my diaries is just time consumed, un-necessarily. Rest and work! That’s what I need to do; and when I am not resting or working, I am exercising to keep my heart and body muscles, in condition.

So…………………………. this is the LAST post I shall write for a while, at least – until I get all the activities and physical work actions, completed!

Love to all, especially to Charlotte, whose email I have received and can therefore keep contact with. I WILL be back, just don’t know when!

Emmi 🙂

One thought on “Hair: Grows Like A Weed!”

  1. Oh emmi I am going to miss you on here:) but you need to do what you have to do for your health. Its very important when you get to be our age:)I will miss your beautiful pictures and pictures of you emmi:) Your so beautiful and i love your hair cut. Please send some pictures and a few lines on my email and i will do the same:) Hugs and love:)

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