Pt. 2 – The TRUTH About Wellington!


About an hour after we had arrived home, there was a knock at the front door. It was the Police. They wanted to speak to me at the station. David asked them in, they came in and explained what the problem was. Apparently, my employers were accusing me of throwing their baby down the stairs, and breaking his foot!

 (a green-stick fracture.)

I was conveyed to the police station in back of the police car. David followed in our car. We were not given time to consult: but that was OK as far as I was concerned, I had nothing to hide. I was still reeling from the fact that my employers had gone to the Police, and wanted to charge me with, ‘child abuse!’

 Could they not just ‘ fire me,’ oh no, they would still need to give me severance payment! I was so certain that it had something to do with NOT wanting to pay for my services???

 Of course, it had not sunk into my rather thick skull, just how serious these charges were! To say that I was stunned would have been an understatement!

 When we arrived at the station, I was shepherded into a large room, with desks, paperwork and a couple of telephones; two typists were at their desks on the far side of the room. It was, by now, almost 8pm. I had the feeling that this was going to be a long, long night. Meanwhile, David had been shepherded into a smaller room somewhere down the hall. I wasn’t allowed to speak with him, and he was not allowed to provide any kind of support to me. I didn’t know it but they were going to interrrogate him too.


And so it began!!

 The same questions again and again, over and over, turned, twisted, elongated, shortened, spun, unspun, stood on their heads and hung by their tails until finally, at 2.30 in the morning, they were done!

 I had been permitted to use the loo, once during that 6 hour session and I had been given one cup of coffee. I felt as though I had been pulled through the wringer of an old agitator washing-machine, backwards – but then, I think, that was the whole point of the interrogation!!?

 David and I were allowed to go home, but we were asked to remain at our address, in other words, “we were not to leave town,” for the next month incase something

 further developed with this situation. What the police had actually been doing, was double checking my version of events, against David’s version of the same events.

 I thanked the Lord that I had had no hesitation in sharing ALL of the questions which  had beset me on this particular day, and all of it’s happenings, with my love and then partner David. When we finally got out, it was 3am – we really needed a coffee!!!

 It had been a night of ‘no sleep,’ but we were so wide awake and shaken, we could not have slept, anyway. When we got home, we found that our girls had slept in our room, while waiting for us to come home, so we woke them, then we all had a coffee and talked about what had actually happened that night! David wanted to leave Wellington immediately, despite what the police had asked, but I knew that I had to stand my ground, so there was a heated exchange for a few minutes. I told him quite clearly that, “Only the Guilty run when there is no one chasing them. This city is NOT going to get the better of us!!” I said, that we were staying – ALL year !! And, when we DO leave, it won’t be with our tails between our legs. I saw my daughter’s chins lift and I knew that at least 3 of us were going to see this year out, and we were going to get jobs – and we would have fun??!!

 I spoke with the people who managed the Kindergarten Cleaners, and asked them if there were other Kindy’s that we might clean – they got back to me within 24 hours with the plan which resulted in David and I becoming full-time Cleaners for the Mirimar Cleaning Company.

 So that’s how our very first year in Wellington started.





We never heard from the police again, but two days after these events took place, there was a knock at the front door, it was the father of the two boys I had been Nannying: He had come with the other half of my pay packet. (It was $150 short.) The police had informed him that he must pay the full cost of my services.  (So it had been about the money afterall. I hope that breaking their baby’s foot had NOT been a deliberate ploy to blame on me, just so they could get out of paying me. The crazy part is that they had set the salary level! I would have been happy with $100 less. Hahaha! – and they must have decided that too, so paying me less than they had contracted to.)

He wanted to speak to me, but I told David that if I saw the man again, I would punch his miserable ugly face in, and just to keep him away from me! We were never contacted by the police again, and all I had to do was see the next 9 months out – then I could leave with my own, and my family’s dignity intact.



ToBeCont……………… Emmi





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  1. Oh my god emmi you of all people would never hurt anything not alone a child. I am so sorry you had to go though that. That guy was a bastard. I am glad it all turned out for the best. And you were right to stay there and fight. Good for you:)

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