You’re on my mind, what a surprise.

I can’t help it, I wish I could do without it.

So many lies, so many times.

You decieved me, you said “believe me.”

So young, naive and blind,

I helped you create my own demise.

Of course there was love, and what a great love at that.

But in order to keep that love alive, at what costs would we arrive?

I hate you. You made me. I made you. You save me.

You’re in my head I can’t deny it, you’re great at manipulation, I now realize it.

I don’t want you, leave me alone!

I can’t have you, come back home!

They say home is where the heart is, but you’re not here….

I have a new love, I shouldnt care!

But jealousy strikes the hardest.

Happily ever after you have her now, you have the family you’ve always wanted.

What I never held on to give you.

I shouldnt care, it shouldnt matter. But here we are.

I’m happy for you, but I miss you so.

I dream about making love to you….

It always should have been you…

We were always each other’s perfect disaster…

Terrible apart and never together…

My darling dearest….

My truest true love….

My first and always my greastest…



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