Snowboarding in Wisconsin

Finally got to go snowboarding after skipping 2 seasons. Kristen n Cory had an extra room for their car n hotel room so I was able to join them. Left at 7 in the morning on Saturday morning drove about 3 hours to get there at devil’s head ski resort. Started snowboarding at 1pm to like 9pm. It was deadly cold all day and there was only few people out there sking or snowboaring cause of that weather. However, I just had to keeo going since I was wating this moment for 2 years. Although my whole body got sore, I had really good time there had lots of fun. Thanks for kristin n Cory for taking me there. Didn’t really do much today. Got home back from Wisconsin around 1pm missed church. Took a nap for awhile. New building owner stopped by noticed me they r gonna increase over $200 for new lease lol. Had dinner with friend. It’s already 11pm I need to go sleep. Good night everyone.

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