yep yep yep

It’s the silly little things.

They bring you to my mind and make me miss you. Yeah, I’m pathetic. I can’t help myself. It’s just crazy how I can be thinking about how much I can’t wait to marry the man I’m with, daydreaming about our wedding…..and then I hear or think of something and you just flood my mind. I’m so glad I deleted your number. I wouldn’t be able to resist. I just want so badly to contact you and just say that I miss you. I feel like at this point now that you have your baby boy you no longer have any place in your heart left for me. The gap had been fufilled because you have a complete family now. Any time before this I knew that you missed me just as much and as frequently as I missed you, I was so confident in it, but now I’m not so sure. I still love you. Maybe just the thought of you and who we were, but either way… I still do. I remember every moment together, every text -the good and the bad, every phone call, all of it.

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