banishing spell

a Banishing spell

Banishing or Binding spells  typically are for banishing unwanted people, Ex lovers or nasty Bosses or Stalkers   or negative energy or spirits etc 
This is a banishing spell it will not harm the person it just simply makes them no longer think of you or wish to do you harm  

This is a simple Spell Perfect for Beginners to  Advanced  
you need 

a Stone  
I like to use a Smooth round stone it doesn’t matter what kind of stone  I get mine from the beach

Twine or  Hemp rope or some  rope type material 

1 Black Candle    

piece of paper and pen   ( if possible to use Dragons blood ink  )

Lay out all your tools in front of you Open your Circle in your usual way,  Light the candle 
on the stone  take a nail or other sharp object  ( DO NOT USE YOUR ATHAME )  

Carve this symbol in the Center put  any symbols you traditionally use for healing and protection
such as Triple moon symbol or Horned God etc  

 on the piece of paper 
Write down the following    
The Problem you are having   do not go into great details  just write down the persons name
keep it as brief as you can if its a spirit then write down spirit   and problems you have 

now take the paper and fold it up now take your twine and wrap it around the stone and the piece of paper
While repeating the following  

I Invoke the Lord and the Lady   Power (  Insert name )  this night 
To be protected from you, ( insert persons name or problem  )
This magic charm I will do Bind you, 
With this words I bind thee, ( insert persons name or problem  )
For you to let me be, I will be free from you
To be protected from your harm,  ( insert persons name or problem  )
with my power and might by the power of the Lord and the Lady ( insert name ) 

I bind you (name of person) this very night
I now seal this charm I take you out of my sight  out my mind
you have no power over me anymore 
This is my Will  and my Power so mote it be!!!
( Repeat this until the stone is completely covered by twine )

( take your Black candle and Drip wax all over the  rope covered stone covering it completely so you can longer see the stone  at all   

***********If you do not know what you are doing…. Do not practice….I am currently not in practice right now……. I’m Learning more and more each day….*********

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