First run in 2014

We had a beautiful weather today here in Chicago it almost went up to 60 degrees. By the time when I got home at 6:30 PM it was 55 degrees and I wanted to go run by the lake so bad since I saw all those people running around city on the way back home. I changed to gym clothes and went out right away as soon as I got home. Ran right to the lake and did run for about 5 miles. I did exactly same route that I used to in last Summer. There were lot of people running at the lake telling me the spring is coming. I felt really good right now after taking a shower from running. I can’t believe that I have forgotten about the this feeling for like 6 months. It’s probably gonna get cold again tomorrow and snowing on Wednesday but I will see if I can go out and run. Man I love running and I’m rally glad that I will be able to do it everyday here very soon.

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