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Dear diary,
It been a long long time since I’ve updated this journal. I mean “really” updated.

I’ve had LJ for 11 years! Although I’ve not been dedicated as I once was. I feel like I gave up on her at some point. Maybe I just shifted and changed my way on to a different path. Life is an ebb and flow in every sense of the word and this case is no different.

At one time this was a happening place for us LGBT community –
Not sure where we all went…I suppose like me, they shifted and changed too.

My life has had a lot of major life moving events that at this point Im not sure I have the energy to recap.
Perhaps I will cut
And paste
Some of my other entries from another journal onto here.
I miss the old days before
Facebook. I think Facebook shinned a fancy promise of something bigger and better to us all. Which it just exploded and now it has even lost it’s intimate feel because of all “big brother” dictating our moves.

We all have lost something intimate and personal by all this technology…The sad thing thing is…we don’t even know it….

We should all go to Mars, but it’s to cold there…

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