my life, your poem

Out of sight and out of mind,

But always in my heart.

I said forever, I meant it. It was true.

I pretend I have forgotten,

But my soul continues to search for you.

In my dreams, or perhaps my nightmares,

I know not which to call them,

But I always find you there.

Rolling your eyes when I comment on your lashes,

Mine brushing your cheek with the sweet gentle breeze of my breath

Softly carressing your neck.

Late night talks on the phone,

Placing a warm smile on my face when I couldn’t feel more alone.

I hope you miss my hushed moans,

Helping you along when you needed me against you…… 

I know in my mind,and wish it could have -should have been you.

You know what I mean my love, I wish it was something I kept my promise on waiting to lose.

I may be able to trick my mind out of loving and missing you,

But never my soul and my heart.

It kills me, that part.

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