I want it all to stop…..

I have been bullied in the past year.  I have had people tell me that I am not worth it.  I have people tell me I am a waste of their time.  I want it all to stop.  They say to tell someone if it happens but when you do they say they will do something about it and that they will make the person leave you alone.  Well it never is the truth.  I ahve been bullied by so many people its not even funny.  I have lived a life of bullies, haters and lovers.  I have best friends who are there for me.  Well I want all of it to stop.  I was thinking of ending my life but I also dont want to leave the world.  I have people who care for me.  I don’t have people I can talk to cuz no one I know, knows what I am going through.  


I just want everything in my life to stop.

2 thoughts on “I want it all to stop…..”

  1. Well, if you wont tell anyone what’s going on, and if you really believe that no one will help you, then YOU are going to have to be your own ADVOCATE, huh??
    You are going to have to Front up to these people who are “Bulling” you and tell them exactly where to get off!
    Loud and Clear …….


  2. well see the thing is my friend just commited suicde because of the same thing happening to him. the people are still makeing fun of him. And the bullying is soo freaking stupid when it starts and they do not know when they are going to far.

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