F a k e

You know those friends that become consumed by their boyfriend and forget all about you? Yeah, I’ve had friends like that; my roommate, in particular. The funny thing is, my roommates think I’m that girl right now.

Yes, I’m partly consumed by my boyfriend. He means everything to me, and we’re so in love. But what my roommates don’t understand is that I am even more consumed by him because I feel terribly unwelcome around them.

If there are people all around you who you thought were your friends, and are now treating you like a piece of shit, NO– I do not think anyone would want to hang out with them.

That’s why I don’t hang out with my friends anymore. My boyfriend is the only one who treats me like a human being, and makes me happy. He isn’t fake, smiling and being nice to my face and talking shit about me behind my back. He isn’t a douche, yelling at me after some alcohol confidence, blaming me for a slight increase in the electricity bill. He isn’t a fake friend, pretending to be the best he can be even though he really could care less about me.

And my roommates and friends wonder why I’m choosing someone else over them.

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