I’m sad.

I’ve been so sad lately.

Sad, because my friends are shitty friends. Sad, because I don’t get spoiled sometimes like a girl should. Sad, because I miss my parents more than I ever thought I would. Sad, because I feel lonely. Sad, because I don’t know who I can turn to. Sad, because I wish things were different.

I’ve been sad for a long time; for months, even. I’ve never contemplated suicide or had suicidal thoughts, but I’m just wondering what it all means. Why do people get so sad like this, for such a long time? What does it mean to be in a slump like this? Will I ever get out of it and return to being happy? Will things ever get better?

I’m so unhappy and feel like everyone hates me. That lonely feeling is quite possibly the worst in the world.

6 thoughts on “I’m sad.”

  1. I can relate to this for sure. My life is sweet, my house is happy but I feel sad and lonely alot. I feel like people hate me. Its such a weird thing and so annoying because I don’t know where it comes from or why it happens. People tell me it’s depression and to see a dr but I don’t agree. I’m sorry i’m not useful to you. I don’t have any answers or advice but I feel like sometimes it just feels better to know you’re not the only one. :/

  2. I have had a feeling like this many times. But i have thought about suicide and its a scary thought but i got through it. And the only way i did was writing about it. Feel better

  3. @splash

    Exactly. Everything you said. Everything seems happy, but it doesn’t feel like depression to me either. Yet, the feeling won’t go away. It’s constant. It is comforting to know others feel the same though, and I’m here for you if need be. Your comment meant a lot to me!

  4. @Kelly

    It was a pleasure to read your comment. Writing helps quite a bit, and I guess that’s what I’ll turn to for now. You keep writing, too. Sending much thought your way.

  5. Aww i’m happy to hear that. I’m happy to chat with you about things if you need an ear. I’m a good listener …. or reader in this case lol. Have been thinking about this post alot since i read it. Hope your ok! xx

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