My Sunday diary

It’s Sunday already. just got back from church and trying to see the things that I have to do today. Writing journal, laundry, maybe cleaning up my apartment, and dinner with my co-worker. that’s about it. I have been very lazy with writing journals here lately. Well actually, I was being lazy for everything. I really need to stop being lazy and do something.

For that matter, I actually took a first step yesterday by starting a new project. This new project is very cool. I’m building a WordPress framework that can help people who wants to develop their own custom theme. I’m not sure how it’s gonna work out but I believe that my project will help a lot of people to make their own WordPress theme. My framework is being reviewed by WordPress’s theme review team. Hopefully, it’s get approved and be available for everyone on WordPress website.

So that’s what’s going on with my life these days. Stop being lazy, do things for people and my future, keep expecting for things that excite me.

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