Misery Loves company right?

I was born and raised in Ohio. The most boring and miserable place in the whole united states. It’s no wonder no one ever talks about Ohio in the movies or the small town of Mansfield. It’s not only boring but also bipolar. One minute it’s fifty degrees and sunny and the next it’s a blizzard. The weather can never make up it’s mind nor can the people that live here. There is always constant drama but I’m sure that’s a given, anywhere you go. Most of my drama dwells close to home. I swear my family members are crazy in themselves. I don’t have to walk out of the house to have their craziness pounded down my throat. All of my family members have been in and out of jail for either drugs, theft, or sleeping with minors. Sure I almost ended there myself but It was totally not my fault that time. Anyways it’s a pretty long boring story which I’m sure no one wants to hear about.

My mom died a few months ago and ever since then it’s like I have to pull out my hair just to get my step dad to let me and my sister see my little brothers. Not to mention the fact that my mom didn’t want him to have custody of them when she died in the first place but a will cost money which is something us poor people don’t have.

My sister seems to be my only friend and I admit me and her have had a lot of drama spilled between us which would rip any other person apart… Like that one time we got into it and she left me a ear fool on my voice mail saying she hopes I kill myself. Yeah like I said my entire family is messed up.

Don’t even get me started on my relationships. As of now it feels like it’s been forever since I have been in a real relationship, not that people haven’t wanted to date me, I just won’t give it a shot. I mean you can only be hurt so much before you stop trying all together right? Then again Misery loves company or so I am told.

Well Off to bed I go.

XOXO WhiteLies

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  1. I am from Cleveland, ohio. the weather is suckish. I hope you are able to do better then the family members you were speaking about. I had a really messed up childhood and teenage years. I had my first daughter at 18. But regardless of what is handed to you, you can always change the future. Good luck

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